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Even though I’ve been absolutely useless in regards to actually producing any new music recently I have however been investing a lot of time into making digital art. I stumbled across some applications which are not only mindbogglingly addictive and capable of producing awe inspiring images, but they are free!!!



Homepage rebuild

I’ve taken down the toxicdwarf.net homepage and if possible will remap the domain to here until I can rebuild the site. It needs a lot of work doing to it (lots of dead links, reformat the art gallery etc) and i’m not exactly great with html. Alongside that I have a new sound cloud account alongside my older one so many of the links to my tunes on this site are now also dead as I’ve reorganised stuff. I have replaced as many embedded players as possible, but not all tracks are available just yet. I have however put all the tracks into a single playlist so that I can add a player here and update it more easily. I’ll be paying more attention to this blog in the coming months and it should get a bit tidier and i’ll clean out a lot of the posts made for my uni course which are no longer needed. I’ll make the post with sound cloud player a sticky so it’s easy to find, some more posts to come soon regarding my graphic work too, hopefully set up a nice gallery of my artwork here at wordpress. Anyway I hope you like the sights and sounds here and maybe feel inspired to get creative (either through seeing something you like or seeing something that you hate – either way if it inspires you to create then that’s great!)

Damien Walters

I know this is completely and utterly not Creative Music Tech related in any way, but i was amazed at what this guy can do. You’ve seen the street running videos but this is so much more. Check it out. (And i do really like the music he picks for his videos although it could be better quality). Maybe i could use these videos and try and write a new soundtrack for them.

Personally i think his 07 showcase was better


I know this isn’t exactly related to Creative Music Technology, but i think it’s cool enough to be on my blog.
While working ‘Warning’ (drum and bass club) i noticed the process of ‘Cymatics’ at work. Cymatics is the study of visible soud and vibrations. I managed to get a video (albeit rather low quality), of the drip tray under our beer pumps, reacting to the sub-bass frequencies. It may not be completely clear but certain frequencies caused the surface of the water to ripple in a set of almost perfect squares. Other shapes and configurations can appear relative to differing frequencies and amplitude.

My video:

Here is a better video describing and demonstrating Cymatics