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Personal work



Even though I’ve been absolutely useless in regards to actually producing any new music recently I have however been investing a lot of time into making digital art. I stumbled across some applications which are not only mindbogglingly addictive and capable of producing awe inspiring images, but they are free!!!




Toxic Dwarf Music playlist (free downloads)

IxiLang percussive SynthDefs


Synth patch (Max/Msp 5)

EDIT 16/11/13 – I have recently found out the http://www.image-line.com have a series of plugins named ‘Toxic’ most recently I believe is the ‘Toxic Biohazard‘, which although I haven’t tried it out, does look pretty impressive. I’m removing the references to this as ‘Toxic Synth’ to avoid any confusion. I want to apologise to http://www.image-line.com for this, at the time of posting I was unaware of the line of ‘Toxic’ plugins/instruments and hope that I have not caused any offence, confusion or problems. If I have missed any references to this as ‘Toxic Synth’ then please contact me and I will do what I can to change this.

Here’s another of my Max 5 patches – this time an 8 note polyphonic synthesiser.


This synth is divided into 10 main sections – Carrier, Partials, FM (level1), FM (level 2), AM, Envelope, Delay, Distortion, Filters and Reverb. 3 minor sections allow for access to presets, selection of input device, and control of dac and master output volume.

One from the archives.

Here’s a track I wrote a couple of years ago, inspired by Juno Reactor’s ‘Luciana’. It’s a 50 minute ambient track, written using Cubase SX2. I hope you enjoy it.


Another addition to the Toxicography

Here’s my latest attempted at some relatively downbeat (120 bpm) Psy-Tech. Including a vocal sample from stand up comedian – the late Bill Hicks. Have a listen and see what you think, all feedback (positive and negative) is welcome.

‘We are the imagination of ourselves’

(If the player above does not work this track is also available at www.myspace.com/toxicdwarf)