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Other peoples work

Techno Jeep

Found this on Youtube and love it!!


Crazy instrument

A friend recently recommended i watch some of this guy’s video’s. I did and it instantly reminded me of some of the animations i have posted recently, exept this is no animation….. this is the real deal! Amazing stuff from ‘Felix’s Machine’s’ Many more videos on youtube so get watching them!!!

Drum Machine

I found this animation years ago, and had completely forgotten about it till my friend posted a link to it on facebook. This is fantastic and everybody should watch it.



I’m not usually into dance, unless it’s something pretty special and impressive. I found these guys and think they are amazing, thought i’d share it do you can experience their rather unique style.

As i watched i was left wondering what kind of music they would create if i used video capture technology to let their dance manipulate sound!!

Cymatics 2

Following on from my previous post about the science of seeing sound, Julio d’Escrivan has bought this video to my attention. Well worth a watch.

Pin-Barrel Harp

This musical sculpture, a beautiful piece of engineering, was commissioned by ‘The English Folk Dance and Song Society’ using a Lottery grant. However, it far exceeds the original brief and it’s rather unsuitable for it’s intended purpose, and is now looking for a new home. Any takers??
(Fortunately it does NOT come complete with a man playing the saw, who’s face of concentration is rather scary!)

The Zeusaphone

More odd instruments in todays post. Tesla coils have always been visually very impressive, they are not usually noted for their musical application. But they can be used as instruments demonstrated at this website


and in this video