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IxiLang percussive SynthDefs



Synth patch (Max/Msp 5)

EDIT 16/11/13 – I have recently found out the http://www.image-line.com have a series of plugins named ‘Toxic’ most recently I believe is the ‘Toxic Biohazard‘, which although I haven’t tried it out, does look pretty impressive. I’m removing the references to this as ‘Toxic Synth’ to avoid any confusion. I want to apologise to http://www.image-line.com for this, at the time of posting I was unaware of the line of ‘Toxic’ plugins/instruments and hope that I have not caused any offence, confusion or problems. If I have missed any references to this as ‘Toxic Synth’ then please contact me and I will do what I can to change this.

Here’s another of my Max 5 patches – this time an 8 note polyphonic synthesiser.


This synth is divided into 10 main sections – Carrier, Partials, FM (level1), FM (level 2), AM, Envelope, Delay, Distortion, Filters and Reverb. 3 minor sections allow for access to presets, selection of input device, and control of dac and master output volume.

Rewire – Max 5 and Logic.

I have recently built a Max/Msp patch that I was hoping to use in Logic 9. The patch is a 16 Voice Polyphonic AM/FM Synthesizer, and I wanted to send MIDI information from Logic to Max and the audio from Max to Logic. Since Cycling74 saw fit to remove the Pluggo capability from Max I had to find an alternative method for using my patch in Logic. After searching the internet and help files I found out how to do this. (more…)

Another free ‘glitch’ plugin.

As I’ve said previously, I’m not one for pirating software, but am an advocate for free or open source software. Here is a link to another great glitch plugin for Logic. Livecut is based on the algorithms  programmed by Nick Collins for the Supercollider class ‘BBCut’. I found the parameters less intuitive than in the plugins I previously mentioned (SuppaTrigga and Buffer Override), but the overall effect is much more polished and produces better sounding glitchyness.

The plugin can be downloaded for free at http://mdsp.smartelectronix.com/livecut/.

The following track was produced by myself using a combination of Livecut, Suppatrigga and Buffer Override.

‘Tech Cult Vigil’

Techno Jeep

Found this on Youtube and love it!!

Crazy instrument

A friend recently recommended i watch some of this guy’s video’s. I did and it instantly reminded me of some of the animations i have posted recently, exept this is no animation….. this is the real deal! Amazing stuff from ‘Felix’s Machine’s’ Many more videos on youtube so get watching them!!!

APC40 Step sequencer video

As promised here’s a demo of my Max/Msp patch in action. Still a couple of glitches, but pretty happy with it so far.