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Rewire – Max 5 and Logic.

I have recently built a Max/Msp patch that I was hoping to use in Logic 9. The patch is a 16 Voice Polyphonic AM/FM Synthesizer, and I wanted to send MIDI information from Logic to Max and the audio from Max to Logic. Since Cycling74 saw fit to remove the Pluggo capability from Max I had to find an alternative method for using my patch in Logic. After searching the internet and help files I found out how to do this.

First load Logic and create a new project, then start Max and load up the patch. Using the DSP status window set output to ad_rewire, which enables the Propellorheads Rewire protocol allowing Max and Logic to communicate. (Make sure MIDI ports isn’t set to 0 otherwise Max won’t receive any MIDI messages)

Now in Logic, in the Mixer screen setup a new Aux channel strip.

Set its input to ‘MaxMsp’-‘RW:MaxMsp 1/2’ (Or whichever MaxMsp outputs you are using)

Audio is now routed from Max through Logic.

You can use Rewire to send MIDI back to Max by setting up an External instrument track and using the library tab to set its output to ‘MaxMSP’-‘Rewire 1’ (or which ever channel is relevant)

Now in Max select the chosen Rewire channel as the MIDI input for the patch. You are now setup to send MIDI from Logic to Max and audio from Max to Logic.

To send MIDI from Logic to Max (without using Rewire) setup an External MIDI track. Once you have done this you can use the library tab to set the destination for the MIDI messages. I used ‘to MaxMSP 1’

(alternatively this can be set using the inspector)

Now in Max I choose the input for my patch to be ‘from MaxMsp 1’

(Note: Using this method (non-rewire) I had issues with receiving incoming MIDI in Max when using the ‘midiin’ object, so I added a ‘notein’ object and this seemed to receive the messages perfectly)

(double click on it to set it’s input)

BE AWARE: If you stop Logic playback halfway through a MIDI note, the parameters set by that note will still be active in Max/MSP and will continue to playback until such messages are altered (stopped!).


One response

  1. lior

    Hey man great post!
    any idea of how to send audio from logic to max?
    or how to activate the max audio input while rewiring?

    September 12, 2011 at 09:47

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