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Having recorded our iXi Quarks performance, each recording our own part separately, we then set about using the quadraphonic settings in Logic to pan and rotate our individual parts around the 4 speakers in Hel040. Although as a group we were not exactly happy with the recordings, we imported the sound files into Logic and automated the spatial movements anyway, to try it out and test out the sound of the piece as a whole. We purposefully tried to keep each part to its own speaker, whilst introducing movement sparsely, to maintain the feeling of 4 separate parts. I think the effect worked very well, and with some re-recording and more time spent on planning the automation i feel the piece could sound very good. It was really good hearing the piece through the 4 speakers, not only to gain the spatial element, but also to hear it loud and through good speakers, rather than our laptops which have almost no bass response.


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