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End of semester (nearly!!)

So we are headed towards the end of semester, and the end of our laptop musicianship module. I’m really impressed with what i have learnt in this module, making me think in new ways about how i write my music and teaching the basics of music theory. Although i still have a lot to learn about the theory, i feel much more confident about my approach to music. The module has surpassed all my expectations, leaving me eager to produce more work that i can perform live. Although the workload (and my work commitments!!) have left me with little time to embark on personal projects, i think this is a good thing, taking time out from the way i usually work on my music and trying new things. Hopefully when i do get chance to sit and write my own pieces i will have learnt ways to create more intricate, inspiring and technical track, pushing my music further down the path of creativity. I have really enjoyed using iXi quarks, but felt frustrated by some of the rather limited parameters you are able to specify (lack of ability to tempo sync predators and soundscratcher for example). However, the ‘freestyle’ aspect of it is great, granting me the ability to create pieces ‘on the fly’, either as part of a group, or as a solo project. I have also been using it to create sounds, which once recorded, i can then import into Logic and incorporate into other tracks. Supercollider has taken me by surprise, when looking at sections of code, and videos of live coding, in the first week of the module, i have to admit i was sure i would seriously struggle. I have picked it up much more easily than i suspected, feeling that i have come such a long way with it in small period of time. I love it, from simply sending MIDI information to synthesising sounds purely within Supercollider it seems so versatile (as long as you understand the keys,classes and syntax). And we are only scratching the surface, i can tell there is so much more this great program can do… but one step at a time eh!!


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  1. I am quite impressed with how the majority of you seem to have absorbed the techniques presented in the module and come up with such different but interesting outcomes. Well done, It has only been a short journey, but much is still to be learnt !! You have done really well !

    December 18, 2009 at 15:59

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