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2nd Ensemble performance critique

The Donuts (Previously group 5)
This group have improved their piece greatly, choosing sounds that work together in a more coherent way.
The intro is very nice, especially the glitch effect from the vocal sample and the group were listening very well to each other, giving each player space to perform their part without cluttering up the soundspace.

The Chavs (Previously group 2)
This groups piece seemed much more structured than before, again picking more suited sounds, The whole piece was less cluttered,more melodic and more atmospheric. The process seemed more streamlined than their previous performance

No_name (Previously group 3)
As with the two groups mentioned above, selection of sound was much improved, the atmospheric content and the dynamics of the sounds were very good. They have improved on giving each other space to be heard and their process was much more obvious, building up in a more structure manner

Dos Pendejos (Previously group 4)
Even with two missing members of this ensemble i felt it was a vast improvement from the previous performance. Excellent contrasting and complementary sounds and (sound)spatial awareness. Loss of the repetitive drum loop has done wonders for the overall effect.

Good work everybody, all groups have improved in similar ways, but retaining their own themes and ideas.

Our Group (The Andrew Kinsey Experiment: Where/Who is Andrew Kinsey?)
I feel our piece has improved also, previously we had a start and end, but the middle was pure improvisation. We have added more stucture to the middle, while retaining the improvisation section. Once started, we improvise for a minute or so, then I trigger a new sample, which signals that we all change instruments, having picked sounds that are not too radically different to our starting instruments. We then improvise again, mainly using our new sounds, but adding small bits of the original sounds also. After a minute or so, Andy triggers a sound which indicates that we should start silencing our parts to bring the piece to an end.
Maybe we could add more structure, interlinking the separate elements as triggers for more complex ideas. More work needed!!!!


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