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I have downloaded iXiQuarks and had a good play around with the various instruments and effects and i really like it…… alot. For improvisations either solo or group work it is ideal. Sol Bateman, Andy Buclaw, James Rogers and I all got together on Wednesday afternoon for a jam. To begin with it was very messy (iXi was new to us all so new to us all so we had a lot of experimenting to do), but within about 1/2 an hour we were getting somewhere. We were starting to get a theme running and sticking with it, whilst trying out new things. I think we’ll need much more practice than we’ll be able to get, before it sounds presentable – we only have two opportunities when we are all free to get together before we have to present our ideas next week, but as we have a month before we have to have a finished piece/concept i’m sure we will be fine. I have done some practicing at home, and come up with some rather ambient, conceptual stuff ( i will upload an example soon), and have really enjoyed the way the instruments work. Once mastered ixi will enable us to confidently and competently perform our ensemble well.


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