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++ sequencing

As shown in Julio’s tutorial downloaded from bitbongo, it is possible to sequence different parts of code in Supercollider. Whereas before i have been triggering Pdefs, or groups of Pdefs manually, by using the ++ code i can program these to be triggered automatically. When triggering manually it does not leave much room for the editing of the Pdefs live, as i have been concentrating on when the next section should be started. Once i have sequenced my different sections i can evaluate the event stream player and leave it to run, happy with the fact that the parts will start and stop as i have specified, and can actually start amending code live to give the piece a much more improvised edge.
The structure of the ++ sequencing is demonstrated below. The code is from my orchestral piece and only includes the first 6 sections of changes. The first part of code (Ppar (Pdef\nameofpdef), indicates which part/parts to be played, the number following indicates how many times the parts should be ‘looped’ and ++ indicates that after the Ppar has been executed the next one should be evaluated.



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