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Laptop Musicianship

The more pieces of code i learn, and the interactions they have, the more excited i get about the possibilities that Supercollider grants. Okay so the classes seem to be running backwards at the moment, i’m sure i have been sat through the same stuff a few times now, but at least today i was allowed to ignore the repeated lesson and push further working off my own back. I feel music theory (at least intervals, major scale and modes) has sunk in and i can now concentrate more on advancing the coding aspect of this module. I can produce code that allows me to control several channels in Logic, and edit this live, i just need to hone the performance side of this. I learnt some new ways in which lines of code can be written that should really start pushing the compositions i’m working on in a really good direction, allowing more control and freedom to interact live with the code. Seeing Andy perform his piece was impressive, mainly because the piece sounded so lovely, but partly because i realised that i’m really not that far off from being able to perform too. Hopefully see Julio tomorrow, he said he would show us how to setup Supercolllider so me and Andy can control the same copy of Logic, both of us sending coding messages to trigger events and edit code live. This should be fun!!!


2 responses

  1. I still need to give you guys the code for driving one laptop !!

    Sorry we had to repeat so much material, people learn at such different paces, I will plan better for this next time so as to keep the quicker guys busy earlier.

    December 18, 2009 at 15:21

    • If you could mail the code then i’m sure i can get it working! No worries about repeating material, i understand what it must be like trying to make sure people understand and can use the techniques we’ve been learning. To be fair i practiced alot at home and info you gave in your office hours helped very much.

      December 19, 2009 at 20:47

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