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‘Juggling the music’

I love the idea of incorporating juggling with musical performance. For many years i have been juggling using the diablo, if your not sure what that is here is a picture:

After seeing Julio using his i-phone motion sensors to control supercollider, i started thinking ‘Would it be possible to fit my diablo with sensors and use that to control supercollider?’ I think it could work, and look great at the same time. I’d have several sensors : 1 accelerometer detecting the speed the diablo spins at, a static receiver on the floor detecting the height of the diablo and sensors on the sticks (to measure a/ the distance between the sticks, and b/ the distance between the diablo and the sticks). Using this information to control pitch, amplitude, filter frequencies etc, i think this could sound really interesting (with alot of trial and error checking which variables suit which sensors). Obviously this is a long term project, and i need to learn a hell of a lot more about supercollider (and motion sensors) to do this, but i think it would be really fun.
Here’s a clip of some really good diablo juggling, this is a friend of mine, and he’s alot better than me (in fact he taught me all i know). Try and imagine the effect this sort of motion could have on sounds. (Music is ‘The Mistermen’ Theme tune, remixed by my brother check out http://www.myspace.com/smutbot)

Anyway here’s another example of ‘juggling the music’, (not quite as full on as the ideas i’ve spoken about, but it’s pretty damn good all the same.)

and here’s more musical juggling. No electronic technology here, but i still love the concept. Some interesting rhythms here. I wonder if you could set midi triggers into the side of the triangle to play different notes???


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