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I know this isn’t exactly related to Creative Music Technology, but i think it’s cool enough to be on my blog.
While working ‘Warning’ (drum and bass club) i noticed the process of ‘Cymatics’ at work. Cymatics is the study of visible soud and vibrations. I managed to get a video (albeit rather low quality), of the drip tray under our beer pumps, reacting to the sub-bass frequencies. It may not be completely clear but certain frequencies caused the surface of the water to ripple in a set of almost perfect squares. Other shapes and configurations can appear relative to differing frequencies and amplitude.

My video:

Here is a better video describing and demonstrating Cymatics


One response

  1. helen

    enjoyed your site and info. keep going with it all. all this is going somewhere,understanding and practical application will come to us all eventually i feel. thanks helen

    February 18, 2010 at 00:13

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