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Musique Concrete

Inspired by the (accidental) discovery of my Macs built in microphone, and our lectures on Luigi Russolo and John Cage, i have composed my own piece of Musique Concrete. Here’s ‘Headscape’ –

I had great fun recording all manner of noises for this, from rattling my bracelets, to the flick of a lighter (10 points to anyone who can identify the lighter in the track). I really like the reverb that seems to be present on all the recordings i made (although i have added some different reverb settings to several channels). However i want to get a usb soundcard and nice mic so i can get cleaner recordings.
I am working on another piece in the same style and will be uploading soon. Hope you enjoy this one!


One response

  1. I liked the track but found it too repetitive to sustain my interest… (hope that’s not too harsh, as there are some great sounds there !!) I wonder if you would consider making something shorter but punchier? more variety of sounds perhaps?

    October 29, 2009 at 21:49

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