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New lines of code to play with. Introducing patterns and randomness. I plan to spend the next week experimenting, seeing if i can learn to mix what Tom has taught us in SDaC and what we learned today in Laptop Musicianship. We’ve been shown how to generate noise in SDaC and now how to program patterns by Julio. I’ll need to check the help files to let me do this, but i think with enough perseverance and practice i should be able to crack it. Ideally i would like to figure out how to use Supercollider to trigger midi in Logic, but i still want to use the uGens in Supercollider. I can’t wait to get playing around with lines of code, programming patterns of randomness using Ugens…… so i won’t…. i’m off to play with Supercollider right now. Sorry to cut this blog short, but like i said…. I can’t wait.


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