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Dr Joyce Shintani – Digital Music in Media Art 2009 : Highlights – Trends and Aesthetic Implications

As i assume this talk was not intended for 1st year CMT students, i felt quite privileged to be there. The focus of the talk was in highlighting many pieces from 3 major digital media festivals Dr Shintani attended, and drawing conclusions from these experiences relating to the use of digital music in media art. Not all the pieces described/shown by Dr Shintani were my cup of tea, some of the installations seemed too conceptual for my tastes; others i was very impressed by, Julio Lucio’s interactive ‘Sound Walk” for example (video available at Dr Shintani’s blog). Also not all the pieces demonstrated displayed music as playing major roles, but i still found them very interesting (for example see below for pictures of ‘Facade’ – Ars Electronica Center in Linz, and video of Laurence Malstaf’s ‘Nemo Observatorium’)
Another interesting part of the talk was the questions/answers period at the end. Seeing our tutors (and others) voicing their opinions and discussing the issues in a manner not usually seen during our ‘teaching time’ was very intriguing. (Note: it is only our 2nd week so i’m sure i’ll see lots more of this)
Despite not ‘liking’ all the works presented, i could understand what she was trying to express – That the divides between Music and Art are becoming more and more blurred, that the blending of different creative disciplines is becoming more commonplace, more sophisticated and easier to access/participate with. As she described, the barriers between ‘the subject’, ‘the object’ and ‘the observer’ are being dissolved, increasing overall impact of the work.

I have added links to a few of the works mentioned in the talk, and after emailing Dr Shintani, she has generously emailed me the pdf of the presentation containing ALL the links that were mentioned.

Presentation by Dr Shintani, ARU 30th September 2009

Thomas Koner’s award winning ‘musical multimedia’ piece- Suburbs of the Void

Bill Fontana – Speeds of Time

Facade – Ars Electronica Center (Linz)

Facade - 40,000 LEDs illuminate the Ars Electronica Center

Facade - 40,000 LEDs illuminate the Ars Electronica Center

Laurence Malstaf’s ‘Nemo Observatorium’ (a ‘tornado simulator’ experienced from a chair in the centre of the room)

For more interesting stuff check out her own blog @ http://shintanis.blogspot.com/


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