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Toxic Dwarf Music playlist (free downloads)



Even though I’ve been absolutely useless in regards to actually producing any new music recently I have however been investing a lot of time into making digital art. I stumbled across some applications which are not only mindbogglingly addictive and capable of producing awe inspiring images, but they are free!!!

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Homepage rebuild

I’ve taken down the toxicdwarf.net homepage and if possible will remap the domain to here until I can rebuild the site. It needs a lot of work doing to it (lots of dead links, reformat the art gallery etc) and i’m not exactly great with html. Alongside that I have a new sound cloud account alongside my older one so many of the links to my tunes on this site are now also dead as I’ve reorganised stuff. I have replaced as many embedded players as possible, but not all tracks are available just yet. I have however put all the tracks into a single playlist so that I can add a player here and update it more easily. I’ll be paying more attention to this blog in the coming months and it should get a bit tidier and i’ll clean out a lot of the posts made for my uni course which are no longer needed. I’ll make the post with sound cloud player a sticky so it’s easy to find, some more posts to come soon regarding my graphic work too, hopefully set up a nice gallery of my artwork here at wordpress. Anyway I hope you like the sights and sounds here and maybe feel inspired to get creative (either through seeing something you like or seeing something that you hate – either way if it inspires you to create then that’s great!)

Homemade Plate Reverb

Using a simple piezo disc and a sheet of metal you can produce your own reverb unit.
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Hardware Hacking – Synthesis on a chip (CMOS Hex Schmitt Trigger Integrated Circuit)

As detailed in Nick Collins book ‘Handmade Electronic Music – The Art of Hardware Hacking’ here is my first attempt at building a simple synthesis circuit.

The materials I used were:
Plastic prototyping board
1 CMOS Hex Schmitt Trigger Integrated Circuit
2 x 470nK capacitors
1 x 100k resistor
2 x 536k resistors
2 x 100k Ohm potentiometers
1 x 1M Ohm Potentiometer
1 x 77k – 340k LDR
Solidcore hook up wire
3.5mm female mono headphone jack
Amplified speaker.
9 volt battery.
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